The Only Things That Happened On This Day in History

1777 The Marquis de Lafayette, a 19-year-old French nobleman, was made a major-general in the American Continental Army

1914 The New York Stock Exchange closed due to the outbreak of World War I. (Trading didn’t resume until December.)

1919 Germany’s Weimar Constitution was adopted.

1977 The “Son of Sam” killer claimed his last victims when he shot and killed Stacy Moskowitz, 20, and seriously wounded her date as they sat in a parked car in Brooklyn, N.Y.

1991 President George H.W. Bush and Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty in Moscow.

1995 The Walt Disney Company agreed to acquire Capital Cities-ABC Inc. in a $19 billion deal.

1997 New York City police seized five bombs believed bound for terrorist attacks on subways.


~ by thehalobender on July 31, 2009.

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  1. here it is

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