Neverland Ranch Investigators Discover Corpse Of Real Michael Jackson

~ by thehalobender on June 26, 2009.

20 Responses to “Neverland Ranch Investigators Discover Corpse Of Real Michael Jackson”

  1. I wonder now that MJ is dead is everyone going to leave him the hell alone so that he can rest in peace.

  2. never land is so beautiful it’s so sad he is gone

  3. I really love Michael Jackson .. if i had the chance, i want to merry that guy, because he is really really beautifull!!!!

  4. my life began with thriller. It made me the person i am today. not afraid to be me.

  5. for god sake…respect MJ for what he was and let his soul rest in peace…GROW UP PEOPLE!

  6. R.I.P Beautiful Soul

  7. i really love mike i wish i was his wife cuz he waz very humble and kind

  8. Michael IS the greatest entertainer of all Times. He will be in our hearts forever and ever. One day we will see him again when we come into the presence of the LORD OUR GOD….

  9. oh it is like a heaven,no i’ll say that it is a heaven,where jksn is. i m missing a lot that dansing star

  10. Michael there is no one in the universe will ever take your place,your music and memory will live on till the end of time.

  11. Temson is definitely right. No one will ever take Michael’s place. He will forever be the most celebrated child molsetor of all time.

  12. Mj you are now our angel, and watching over us, may you rest in peace my sweet soul. We all miss u……

  13. I miss Michael 😐 He was so wonderful. He had a way of saying things, I dont know, when he spoke he lit up the world. I’LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU MICHAEL!

  14. Yea Now whos is gonna touch the little boys??? Oh wait yea i forgot about the Catholic Priests!!!!!

  15. He was the best.
    and still is…

  16. i luv MJ sO much! hOw i wisH i cud see hiM in pErsOn bUt uN42nAteLy iT was 2 lAte! …i lUv u!

  17. Michael…..i can’t even get over the fact that you are gone you were my strenght when I needed sumone to talk to……when i very small i use to cry for no reason …..well for many reasons and u were there to hear my cry….all i had to do was put in your CD and find a nice song i’m 14 now and I want to be able to tell my kids about u I LOVE U MICHAEL NO MATTER WAT THE MEDIA SAYS AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE U NO MATTER WAT ANYONE SAYS……LOVE U MICHAEL.

    look me up on myspace

  18. I will always LOVE MJ, i will miss him soo… very much..the world not the same with …I am speechless….ever time i hear his name or see a picture of him i get Butterflies….

  19. Guess Michaels not going to work tomorrow now huh? LoL

  20. i love mj dont know y people say crap abt him ans i was very sad when he lost he neverland property. and i m still sad for his death. MAY ALLAH BLESS HIM

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